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05 March 2012

What i want

Jari jemari cOmel Cik adinda Obey-bie yang menari atas key-bOard tepat jam 3:53 AM | Comment
Dania farisya's here. . .
To be photogenic
To have beautiful hair
To have a pretty face
To have the perfect body
To have someone who loves me
To have true friends
To have good teenage years
To smile and mean it
To have cute clothes
To have a successful career
To stop stressing
To be happy with myself

*But obviously this is too much to ask for cuz I always feel fucking ugly, i think i’ve got no one who truly loves me. . for me, my friends are only there if I talk to them first, I work my ass off for shit pay and I don’t have shit clue to where I’m going in life.. And death is my only escape. .

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