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05 March 2012

I'm sick of being sick!!!

Jari jemari cOmel Cik adinda Obey-bie yang menari atas key-bOard tepat jam 12:28 AM | Comment
Dania farisya's here. . . 

hey all. . I had a little breakdown last night. . I really want to get out of here, this place, I’m tired of it. . I want to travel, go overseas, stay there a while, study or work, whatever. . you know? I’d kill to see something i haven’t seen before. . I really want to go to Europe. . Broke down to my mum about it by text today, she said she’ll talk to me when she gets home. . Chances are she’s going to  say what she always says. . “Just don’t worry, find something better to do or a get a job that'll make u busy for a while”. . oh fuck, If it were that easy to fix the way I feel, don’t you think I would have done it by now mama? I don’t want to hear “it’s not that easy” or “we can’t afford it”. Yeah well babah goes off to fucking KUALA LUMPUR and buy useless shit, why the fuck not save the money for me?

Maybe I’m just a little upset too. . Every boy I start to like, just turns out to be like the rest. . Why the fuck does someone have to lie about their phone playing up? Yet their stilll updating facebook with it? Or texting other people with it? Ugh whatever, throwing that away. . hell fuck, Can I just find someone who will not treat me like I’m less important? That’d be nice. . :'(

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