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05 March 2012

Facebook Drama

Jari jemari cOmel Cik adinda Obey-bie yang menari atas key-bOard tepat jam 2:56 AM | Comment
Dania Farisya's here. . .

I hate when drama stirs up on facebook. . People really are hypocrites. .
They act all tough posting statuses about people who did hardly anything wrong to them,
just because they’re having a shit day and need to pick on someone. .
Then random people get involved and make it worse with their unneeded comments. .
If I could punch them in the face to give them the message to fuck off, I would. .
People love watching the drama, but honestly, I know if it were them in the spotlight,
they’d wish no one intruded. . Fucking sick and tired of immature people. .
Honestly, this is why I love blogging :') i love my blog so much. .
cuz when i'm with my blog, yet busy, no one could interrupt me lol XD

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