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05 March 2012

cute things that'd make me fall in love

Jari jemari cOmel Cik adinda Obey-bie yang menari atas key-bOard tepat jam 5:28 PM | Comment
Dania's here :)

hey all :) it's nice to stay at home n blogging :')
i'm tired act. . tired of all the dramas in school. . oh. . does drama on facebook's not enough?
why must you girls created a new one? if u girls don't like me, tell the truth!!?? Just FACE IT!!!!!! ouh. . i just hate drama. .
i'ts a type of storry that'll never ends :') humm. . i'm here to tell everyone,
things that i thought it'll be really really cute n makes me fall in love with :D here's some of them. . 
I'm HOPING that i'll get to do all of this with my BUBU <3
  • holding hands. .
  • when he kiss the back of my hand. .
  • whispering "I LOVE YOU" with a slow, gentle forehead kisses. .
  • snuggling, falling asleep to a movie. .
  • making kissing sounds over the phone. .
  • calling me "my princess" almost everyday. .
  • having “i love you more” wars. .
  • laying down, listening to the sound of our favorite Music together. .
  • writing your names in the sand. . 
  • calling a date. .
  • having his scent on my pillow, towel, clothes, whatever. .
  • waking up a mess but still get called beautiful. .
  • getting random phone calls because he miss me. . 
  • getting hugged from behind, and kissed on the cheek. .
thats all :')

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