Baby, you make my heart beat really fast. . | ☆ Built for Sins™☆
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05 March 2012

Baby, you make my heart beat really fast. .

Jari jemari cOmel Cik adinda Obey-bie yang menari atas key-bOard tepat jam 3:29 AM | Comment
Dania Farisya's here. . .
sometimes people thought that they don't need love to live along happy life. .
but they're wrong! humm. . i Started texting this boy again, he’s really cute and makes me smile so much. I don’t think I’ve been this happy since the last heartbreak. he's the one who did it =( well i've decided not to say any words bout this again :) He asked me alot of questions bout my facebook account, idk when i'd deactivate it. . anyway, he told me that he love me almost everyday =] haha that was the cutest <3 We’re not dating or anything, but he’s got a perf personality. . Things take time, luckily I’m patient. . .^^.

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