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05 January 2012

baby i'm perfect for you. .

Jari jemari cOmel Cik adinda Obey-bie yang menari atas key-bOard tepat jam 10:14 PM | Comment
coretan hati  ❤ Cik adinda Obey-bie ❤ : 
i dont mind spending some time just hangin' here with u
cuz i dont find too many guys that treat me like u do. . 
those other guys all wanna take me for a ride. . 
but when i walk they talk of suicide >.< 
some people never get beyond their stupid pride! 
but u can see the real me inside. . 
why shouldn't we be with the one we really love?
now tell me who have u been dreaming of. .  

i and i alone. . oh no!
i can make it nice and noughty
with the devil and angels too. .
got a heart and soul and body
let's see what this love can do. .
maybe i'm perfect for u. .
 baby i'm perfect for you!! 

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